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Rue 0268
I called you my little Chicken. You came into this world and melted hearts everywhere. With your big warm eyes and tiny little paws you marched into my life and didn’t hold back. You were the cutest puppy I've ever seen. A little calico puppy. Barely 6pounds but full of personality. I was just supposed to be your ride to the vet but you instantly stole my heart. The night we meet you were so sick. You just clung to my chest as we made the trip to the emergency vet. You were critically anemic and the vet didn’t expect you to make it through that first night but you did. You were still so sick when I picked you up the next evening but that was ok because I could take of you and give you the one on one care and love you needed. You officially became my first foster pup when you came home with me that night for puppy critical care. High iron, high protein, small frequent meals was the plan and that’s exactly what we did every three hours for 4 weeks. You learned to love food. Maybe a little too much! We were going to work that... Sean and I planned our days around you so you’d never be alone for more than an hour. The big dog laid by your pen to watch over you. I made you steak and carried you around in my sweatshirt pocket. You surprised everyone with your resilience and had turned the corner. You were off and running. You figured out the stairs but we’re a little too short to make it up them. You climbed into the big dog’s toy box and helped yourself! You decided you liked my shoe so Sean gave them to you and ordered me new ones. You were so smart! Only 9 weeks old and had learned sit and shake and knew to use your puppy pads. You were such a loving puppy. The moment you heard my voice you started crying out for me and bolted towards me the second you saw me. Everyone you met fell in love with you in an instant. You didn't know it yet but we were going to break potential adopters hearts everywhere by adopting you to officially make you part of our crew. We even had a name picked out for you; Archie. I had such big plans for you. You would have had a great life with us. You left me as quickly as you came to me but not without leaving permanent paw prints on my heart. -Cassie Dikeman

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