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The plea continues for those left behind on Billy's Street, including Momm, Dadd, a lingering sibling, and others like Whitey's family, Red, Princess, Solo, Bugsy, Minnie's son, and many more. Your support can be their lifeline. 

Left to save:

Whitey’s family





Minnie’s son

  • All of the others


In the somber aftermath of "Billy's Street Mission," the echoes of those left behind resonate, a haunting reminder of the ongoing struggle for survival. Mama Minnie, the resilient Collie, faced the heart-wrenching ordeal of her puppies being callously discarded. The recent discovery of a lone pup, possibly one of Minnie's offspring, near a canal behind the property intensifies the urgency of their plight.

As we reflect on the heartbreaking images of those we couldn't rescue, the reality hits hard. Momm, Dadd, and the sibling of Whitey are still trapped in the cycle of suffering on Billy's Street. Billy, the compassionate soul who initiated the mission, now grapples with the dwindling resources to care for the 25 dogs that roam her street.

The struggle is vividly encapsulated in the fan mail received, highlighting the misplaced priorities of a world that could make a more significant impact by actively aiding the forgotten souls of Billy's Street.

In this moment, the call for support amplifies. The Wishlist, a tangible lifeline, stands as a beacon for those willing to contribute to the cause. As we acknowledge the limitations of rescue efforts, the determination to make a difference persists. Each abandoned dog, each plea for help, fuels the commitment to saving lives.

The legacy of Homer and his companions lives on, motivating a tireless advocacy for those still yearning for a chance at a better life. The mission is far from over, and with collective support, we can extend a lifeline to Momm, Dadd, the forgotten sibling, and the countless others who await rescue from the shadows of neglect. Let's unite, save lives, and be the voices for those who can't speak for themselves.

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