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Sarge 1361

Sarge is a one-person kind of man with southern charm and honor to his core.  His has decided it is his life’s mission to protect his person and keep them company with his sweet, silly self.   What lady or gentleman would not want this handsome guy as their protector and daily companion? 

Sarge has been described by his fosters as sweet, silly, handsome, goofy, and loving.  However, Sarge also has an intense side and needs a leader that he can follow with strict guidelines and continued training.   Without a strong leader, Sarge feels that he needs to take over and protect past what is acceptable behavior.  With a strong leader that Sarge can trust, he can relax and let the human lead. 

Sarge does well with more submissive dogs after slow introductions.  (No one wants a “buddy” just thrown at them!)  Cats are an unknown.  We don’t really recommend kids at this time.  Until Sarge gets into a home where he can just decompression, get a routine in place, work on his anxiety, and begin to trust his person, an only person household would be best. 

Sarge loves car rides and tends to nap through them.  (“Take all the time you want human.  I’ll just rest my eyes.”)  Sarge does well crated and knows many obedience commands.  As with all our dogs, especially Sarge, we recommend a trainer, continuing obedience classes, and using what you learned consistently at home.

When asked about his favorite things, Sarge listed 1) His person 2) Tummy scratches 3) His person 4) Running in the yard 5) His person and 6) Giving kisses.  (He would like me to mention for the record that this list is in no particular order.)  Sarge does love to go for walks and play in his yard, but also does lazy quite well.  If it something he can do with his person, Sarge is all in. 

Sarge is a sweet boy looking for a very special home.  He has been let down many times in his life and needs someone to help him work through his quirks.  Your reward will be all the doggie kisses and snuggles he can give, as well as a faithful and loyal companion. 

Nuts and Bolts: 5 years old, neutered male, 80lbs, good with dogs, cats unknown, no kids

German Shepherd Dog

7 Years 1 Months (Est)


Stephens City VA

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