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Bear 1510

Klaus, now named Bear was adopted from SSR in September 2020. Just recently Bear got in a fight with the other dog in the house causing injury to the other dog and to the adopter when she tried to break it up.  He was surrendered back to SSR hoping to find a family that doesn't have other dogs. He is very friendly to people and loves to hang out with them! He is a tri-pod after his right front leg had to be amputated shortly after being rescued and also has hip dysplasia.

Originally Klaus was dropped off at a kill shelter with wounds that appeared to be from animal bites.  They were infected and Klaus was immediately taken to the vet for care once SSR stepped up to take him.  Ultimately, the infection cost him his left, front leg.  He arrived to his foster in Virginia on August 30th.  Klaus is learning to navigate as a three-legged dog.  The less steps the better.  He does navigate the five steps we have to go outside for the bathroom. He loves, balls, bones, and any other toys that make noise.  He can become territorial over his toys, but otherwise does not mind the resident dogs.  Klaus needs a home with lots of cuddles and kindness to begin to thrive again. 

German Shepherd Dog

10 Years 10 Months (Est)


Annandale VA

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