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Beau Geste 1521

Beau Geste was purchased as a puppy from a breeder in South Carolina, but was surrendered to a local rescue several years later because he was fearful and had a bite history. He was adopted out as an emotional support dog and, although loved, wasn’t cut out for the job and his behavior only escalated.

Beau has come such a long way in his foster home. Once fearful of humans and displaying "nip and run" behavior, Beau is now curious and interested in meeting new people (unless you make too much eye contact, which he considers untrustworthy and shady). Beau gets along with dogs of all breeds and sizes.  Even as a senior, he gives the best play bows and enjoys an occasional romp around the yard or house. He is also good with dog-savvy cats.

Beau has received extensive obedience training and behavior modification from his foster, who is a professional dog trainer.  It is believed that Beau's initial human aggression was a result of excessive physical (and possibly verbal) correction. An e-collar cannot be used under any circumstance, as it elicits an aggressive response.  Beau is a talker but can be easily redirected, so patience and a little humor are required. Beau would do best with only positive training methods and a Fear-Free Certified veterinarian and groomer.

Beau is looking for a quiet home with not a lot of activity or frequent guests. He would do best in an adult-only home with an adopter who can read his cues.  He is a low-maintenance dog, content to lie in his bed across the room from you, and requires a consistent, predictable routine.  Beau's favorite things in life are butt scratches and cookies.


English Shepherd (long coat)

10 Years 1 Month


Edgewater, MD

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