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Dukems 1825 - Fospice

Duke was rescued from a kill shelter in Texas.   We thought Duke had DM, but evidently that’s the least of our concerns. Duke was brought into the shelter by his owner for euthanasia, because he was suddenly paralyzed. The shelter planned to euthanize him at 6pm that day, so we intervened and an incredible foster stepped up to take him immediately.

Dukems has many health concerns, so we have decided to make him a fospice dog. He will live out the rest of his days in his loving foster home!


What is fospice? Fospice is hospice care in a foster home. Due to the health of some of our dogs, the best course of action for them is to live in a foster home for the rest of their life. These dogs, while available for adoption, are typically what some folks deem as “unadoptable” possibly due to the short time they have left, the cost of their medical bills or general uncertainty about their medical state. SSR cares for these dogs and all of their expenses until the end of their life in a loving, foster home environment. 

German Shepherd Dog

10 Years 3 Months (Est)


Texas - Temp Foster

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