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Pika 1973

We rescued Pika when he was so tiny he fit in a box... here is is, still waiting for a home years later! As of March 6th, 2023, Pika has been in foster care for 693 days. 

Pika likes chew toys and running with the older dogs and loves being outside playing. He wants to become the alpha dog and will need a strong leader to manage this. He is very smart and highly motivated and would do best with an experienced handler who will hold him accountable. He's your typical young GS dog, he chews on anything and nips, without a strong handler I would not recommend a home with small children. He can be a vocal boy and does not enjoy being crated. He is potty trained. He's settled down while in the house but still needs stimulation to release his energy.

When Pika first came into SSR care, summer of 2021, there was concerns about his rear legs and/or hips. The rescue has sent Pika to several Vets to assess his rear hip muscle area and they agree he needs to be walked on a leash to build the muscles on his right hip, but this does not affect his abilities in anyway. As he’s been in our care for so long, his muscle strength has returned and he shows no signs of atrophy. He is a happy go lucky boy looking for forever home.


German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat)

2 Years 5 Months (Est)


Spotsylvania VA

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