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Saint 2055

Saint is 2 years old and had professional board and train but it was never reinforced when he returned home. He is slowly learning again. He is walking better on a leash, sits before you throw the ball for him and learning to sit when you are on a walk and stop walking. He is a smart dog. We will be trying frisbee shortly, I think he will pick that up quickly. We need to work on his jumping but is starting to listen when corrected. He loves playing with a Jolly Ball and can run like the wind. Saint will need a strong leader that will commit to training classes and reinforce what is learned as he has not had much guidance. He may be a good jogging or hiking buddy. He is not super high energy, 2 ball plays a day or 1 ball play and a walk would be just fine. I have seen absolutely no aggression from Saint towards people and we started walking him with our dogs and he has had no bad reactions.
We would like to keep Saint and Skittles together if at all possible.  The family I envision for them is a couple that will take Saint to training and enforce what is learned, Saint would be a good running or hiking buddy, so a family that is somewhat active for Saint but would like to come home and snuggle and just love on Skittles, they would be okay separated for short period of times but so happy to see each other when together.
BACKGROUND 15-FEB: Saint was originally brought into SSR as a puppy named Montego, along with Barbados, Turk and Havanna. He was adopted when he was three months old in June of 2021.

Saint was involved in an altercation while the owner was away from the home that resulted in the death of a newly acquired seven week old puppy, though she thinks that it was another dog in the house (SSR Skittles) who was the perpetrator.  They were both surrendered back to SSR and are looking for their forever home. Saint did finish a board and train but nothing was ever reinforced when he arrived back home. He was never corrected for his jumping and I can assume only became too much for the adopter and Skittles and Saint were put out in the yard for hours without supervision.  Skittles gained over 15 pounds and her body is paying the price. This adopter should never had adopted a puppy (did not adopt from SSR)  when the two dogs she had were being neglected and had no interest in training them.  These dogs now have a history that will be hard for most to overlook and may never find the loving home they deserve. These dogs have been let down by humans so many times, it is time for them to feel what a loving home is. 

German Shepherd Dog / Cattle Dog / Mixed

2 Years 2 Months (Est)


Hedgesville WV

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