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Tango 2099

T-A-N-G-O! While I cannot confirm her dancing abilities, I can definitely tell you this girl will keep you on your toes! Tango is a 2 year old, 50lb beauty with lots of energy as she is a GSD mix with a healthy dose of Malinios and Australian shepherd. Therefore she will make an EXCELLENT running and hiking partner! She will need an adopter prepared to give her a good bit of daily physical and mental exercise  plus training reinforcement. 

  • Smart as a whip and eager to please
  • Knows many commands
  • Goofy puppy personality and energy
  • Food and toy driven
  • Potty trained
  • Good in her crate
  • Loves to be loved
  • Good in the car
  • Stranger and dog fearful
  • Needs additional reactivity training
  • High prey drive (esp. squirrels)
  • No cats

She is undersocialized so we have been working hard to build her confidence and reduce her reactivity. She has been making steady progress over the past few months since going to her foster home and primarily has a hard time with people and dogs being very close to her (ex. entering the home, passing by very closely). She takes a little time (and treats) to warm up to new people who need to be in her close space, but she soon realizes the person isn't scary and tries to play with them! Since it takes her a little bit to warm up to people, please expect to do ~2-3 meet and greets to ensure she is comfortable enough for you to handle her to put on her harness, put in/out of the car and crate, etc. 


Tango lives with another dog, but they are not out together in the house at the same time as she can’t be trusted to not start a fight out of fear yet and the resident dog is having trouble trusting her. She has been on many side-by-side walks with him and they did perfectly fine, but she struggles once inside. Due to Tango's reactivity, she would do best as an only dog but she could possibly live with a well-balanced tolerant dog if very experienced adopters do a long introduction (several weeks/months with the dogs on crate & rotate) as she was able to do so when staying with another foster parent for a short time. Tango also previously lived with a lower energy dog that was tolerant.


Cats are “no” unfortunately as she was tested and was too interested in them likely due to her high prey drive. 


Children in the home would likely be best if 10+ since little ones may have trouble with boundaries. However, this can be determined on a case by case basis as Tango doesn't redirect onto people when she's feeling big emotions.


She will continue to work on desensitizing to new people, places, and pets but any interested adopter should be prepared to continue this training and make it a priority. Ideally, interested adopters should work with a trainer on a game plan and Tango's foster would be more than happy to be part of those conversations. 


More info can also be found on the SSR Community group page when searching for #tango2099: 

Updated: 1/27/2023


Tango was transferred from a rescue partner July 17, 2021 and is a Parvo survivor. She was adopted out as a 5 month old puppy, but was recently returned to the rescue September 27, 2022 due to changes in her family life where the owners were unable to provide Tango with the activity, training, and socialization she needs.

Tango will require an owner who can help her build her trust and confidence in the world. She has basic obedience and command training, is house trained, and has a lot of energy she needs to expend. She loves to play ball! It takes her some time to warm up to strangers, but once she is comfortable she’s very playful. Tango will require a strong leader who can teach her that new things and people aren’t scary, and someone who can be patient with her as she adapts to a new environment. She is very intelligent, and once she trusts you she is all yours! Please consider opening your home to Tango, as she deserves a loving home and a patient leader.

German Shepherd Dog / Belgian Shepherd Malinois / Mixed (medium coat)

2 Years 3 Months (Est)


Reston VA

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