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Gunther (Diesel) 2139

Diesel was adopted by a family in October 2020 as a puppy and was renamed Gunther. He was returned to SSR in March 2022 due to no fault of his own. 

Gunther is the sweetest boy and a true velcro dog. He was a momma's boy in his first adoptive home and it is very clear as he likes to stick closer to his foster mom than foster dad. He is super sweet to all people and loves a good ear rub. He is also great with the dog savvy cats in his foster home. He will need some help with confidence as new situations make him a little anxious and he tends to react first. He will react to other dogs on lead but responds very quickly with some guidance. He will also react and bark at other dogs through fencing. A nice slow introduction to other dogs is appropriate for him. He would do well with a confident, laid back companion. He has met one of the other dogs (older Malamute) in his foster home and was unsure at first. He tends to stiffen and raise his hackles at first, but did not exhibit any actual aggression. He has now taken to wanting to play with her and licking her face. He has absolutely no aggression towards people or resource guarding with food, treats, or toys. His first adopter did note he would growl and resource guard people. He is extremely gentle with walking and taking treats. He went to home depot and was the perfect gentleman. So far I have discovered he knows sit. He also hates the crate. He treats it as though it was used as a punishment. If he thinks you are trying to catch him, he will run. A fenced in yard is a must. We have a four foot metal fence and he has not attempted to jump or dig to get out, but is content as long as someone is with him. If you leave him he gets anxious. We keep him in an impact dog crate when we are letting our dogs out or we go somewhere. He will bark and whine and make a lot of noise in the crate. He does walk wonky. I was told both his rear legs were broken before he came to the rescue, but were mostly healed by that time. No surgery was necessary. He does not seem to be in any pain and walks, runs, and goes to the bathroom with no issues. He does not counter surf but he is TALL. His face is perfect height that he can just grab something at the edge of the counter (My chicken I was eating while talking to someone). He has not tried to jump or push anyone but will curl in for a hug and belly rub if you are sitting down. 

Confident laid back dogs, cats, older children that are considerate and gentle would be ideal. Also little time alone with an owner that can continue to give him the guidance and confidence that he is lacking. 

German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

2 Years 4 Months (Est)


Church Hill MD

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