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Barnes 2153 - Fospice

Barnes is a sweet, older guy who LOVES 'his' human and just craves attention after being passed by week over week from the shelter we rescued him from. He was on death row and looked over simply because of his grey hairs and overcrowded shelters. SSR was able to save him in August 2021, and he's been living a happy live ever since. Due to his age and health, Barnes is a fospice dog and will be spending the rest of his days in a loving foster home. 


What is fospice? Fospice is hospice care in a foster home. Due to the health of some of our dogs, the best course of action for them is to live in a foster home for the rest of their life. These dogs, while available for adoption, are typically what some folks deem as “unadoptable” possibly due to the short time they have left, the cost of their medical bills or general uncertainty about their medical state. SSR cares for these dogs and all of their expenses until the end of their life in a loving, foster home environment. 

German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat)

11 Years 9 Months (Est)


Winston-Salem NC

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