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Heidi Pearl 2363

Heidi Pearl is a sweet senior lady who is looking for her second chance at life with a family that is willing to love her for the rest of her days. When she was rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas, she was very thin and hairless; it was very obvious that she had been used for breeding throughout her life. She arrived to Virginia in December 2021 and has been waiting for her perfect family since! 

Heidi Pearl loves playing with toys, especially those that require her to use her super smart German Shepherd brain! She loves snuggling up on a soft doggie bed and taking naps. Heidi Pearl enjoys going on short, leisurely strolls around the block to get some fresh air. 

Heidi Pearl would be able to live with other dogs, but she would not do well with strong alphas or overly submissive dogs; her dog siblings would have to be middle of the pack. She was tested with cats in Texas and seemed to be uninterested, but has not been cat tested since. 

Heidi Pearl would not do well in a home with small children as she does not like cuddling. It appears that she's has numerous litters, so instinctually she does not tolerate being crawled on. To solidify no small children, she is also a true German Shepherd and displays herding tendencies by mouthing heels and ankles. 

Heidi Pearl is a special needs dog and will require medication for the rest of her life due to having arthritis in her knees and hips. Due to her arthritis, she will also need a home with no stairs; the most she can tolerate is a couple of stairs leading out the front or back door. Her ears show a history of uncared for ear infections, so she will require frequent ear cleanings at home. 

The sweet Heidi Pearl girl has had a rough life leading up to SSR giving her a second chance. She is more than deserving of a loving home to relax in as she enjoys her retirement years. Could you be this lovely lady's forever home? 






German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

9 Years 9 Months


Warrenton, VA

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