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Gandalf 2429

1/13/23 update:

Gandalf is currently getting laser therapy and electronic stimulation to the area of his spine that had surgery.  He has shown some improvement in urination and being able to hold it til he is outside.  He has been standing on his feet even though he can't walk.  As you can see from the pictures he is a happy boy despite his physical limitations.

9/12/2022: Gandalf was born with a spinal deformity that caused a few of his vertebrae in his lower back to grow abnormally and resulted in a compression of the spinal cord that worsened as he grew. This is a rare condition in his breed and there is not much known about it. Due to concern that he would be paralyzed and his pain would not be controllable as the condition progressed, surgery was recommended and pursued. 

Gandalf had surgery where a window was cut into the vertebrae and then the bone that was compressing the spinal cord was removed as much as possible. Then the spine was stabilized with surgical implants. 

After surgery Gandalf lost the ability to move and feel his legs. This is due to decompression inflammation (swelling/inflammation from removing the compression) re-perfusion injury (when blood flow that was impeded returns quickly) and the fact that his spinal cord had not grown normally to begin with. This was expected. 

With time and a lot of rehabilitation Gandalf regained the ability to feel his legs and a little bit of movement. Now he just needs more time and rehabilitation to make as much progress as he can in his mobility.

German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

1 Years 6 Months (Est)


Glenshaw PA

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