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Luna Toe 2560

Luna was a transfer from a vet hospital after her owner brought her in with a toe injury and could not afford the care needed to repair it.  She should travel to the Virginia area in May/June.


Update: Beautiful Luna arrived last weekend 5/22 for us to foster, and has been decompressing from her journey to Va, so she hasn’t been fully allowed to interact with our two dogs yet. However, so far this girl is a very sweet and loving shepherd! She loves to play ball and get tummy rubs. We have taken her on walks in the neighborhood with our two dogs and she is adjusting well. 
She is:
Very loving with us,
Likes every person she meets,
Plays ball nicely, and drops it to play, 
High energy, very alert, needs a job or games,
Unknown yet about children or cats,
Is okay with dogs who ignore her,
Barks at dogs who stare at her,
Knows: sit, wait, settle, leave it, quiet, but will need an experienced person to continue her training,

Loves to use her nose to find hidden objects and or treats,

Walks fairly well on leash,  pulls for squirrels, dogs.
Is learning not to react to unfamiliar dogs (she stops when corrected).
Is heartworm positive, so will need games to keep her mind happy and calm.
She loves to roll in the cool grass on our walks.
Update 2: Luna has decompressed and is happy to be in our pack! She is good with respectful dogs and loves to be with us all for walks, playing ball in the backyard, or chilling near us while we watch a movie. She is now spayed.

Update: Luna loves people of all sizes and is sensitive to emotions. She is ball driven and has been obedience trained with a ball as reward. She lives with her foster’s two large male dogs. She still gets a little excited when she sees another dog strange on our walks, but the ball is enough to distract and pacify her. She has learned the commands: sit, stay, down, stand, off, here, back, wait, find it, and settle. Her nails can be ground for trimming if peanut butter on a lick pad is involved. She has an excellent nose and drive for search games and has been started for nosework. Between her daily hour long walk and nosegames, her active side is joy to work with. She is calm in the house with those regular walks and brain games.




German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

2 Years 6 Months (Est)


Farmville VA

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