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Luna Lune 2572


Luna is a working line Belgian Malinois. If you are interested in adopting a legit mal and/or have interest in Schutzhund training and have right household environment this could be your new family member!


  • Luna is VERY LOVING and shows it without reservation.

  • Bonds tightly with her people. Usually stays with whomever she considers the leader at that moment. That said, she is completely integrated with my family---she is NOT a one person dog

  • Quiet. Barks only when people come to the front door.

  • Luna would do well as the “only dog” but We think Luna would be fine with another dog with the right temperament.


  • Luna understood German when she arrived at our house. We have transitioned her to English commands. She knows all the commands you might need to manage her: Sit/Stay/Down/Heel/Come/Bed/Crate/Out(drop it)/Break.

  • Excellent on the leash.

  • Excellent Recall. And this was prior to the B&T below.

  • Has had 4 weeks of Board and Train with Cedar Creek Shepherds.

    • E-collar trained

    • Off-leash trained. We've walked her with just the E-collar in my neighborhood.

  • Cedar Creek Shepherds would like to continue working with Luna and her future family.

  • Crates well. We no longer crate Luna except when we leave the house. At night she sleeps in her bed in our den.


  • High: Second highest drive dog we have worked with. And second only to our family dog Witten.

  • Prey drive: Surprisingly low . Shows some interest in squirrels and foxes. Recalled on 50ft lead when in the presence of deer.

  • Reactivity: Moderate/Low – On walks Luna doesn’t react to other dogs or people walking by her even in close quarters. Luna does react when she is "surprised" by other dogs. However, Luna is quite easy to disengage by just telling her to "heel" and "sit."


  • Needs Medium: Luna is great. She can adapt. She needs lots of play time but doesn’t require very long walks (1-2 miles per day)

  • Likes High: While she only needs medium activity, she would certainly flourish with more. Luna likes to run on cool days with a waist leash on her human (3ish miles).

  • Frisbee: Luna will play frisbee until YOU quit.

  • Tug: Luna loves tug (but what working-line dog doesn’t)


  • Age: Between 5-6 YO

  • Heartworm: Negative

  • Healthy: Very Healthy


Luna’s one achilles heel is her fear of new people in her space. We’ve been taking Luna to soccer games, farmer’s markets, and coffee shops to expose her to new situations where there are lots of unfamiliar people.

What does Luna need?

Luna needs a family with malinois experience, preferably with a low traffic household, so as to minimize the number of new people she has to meet. Luna is uncertain and uncomfortable when new people enter her personal space. However, Luna is a great dog who loves her people.

Please note: Luna Lune does have a bite history which will be discussed by her foster for interested and approved applicants.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

6 Years 5 Months


Springfield VA

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