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Tara 2584

Tara spent her whole life as a backyard breeder dog in a filthy run down facility in Virginia. She was one of 8 dogs that were finally removed from atrocious conditions. 

Tara arrived at her foster by plane on Saturday June 11th, 2022. She is currently being fostered in Dunkirk, New York. Tara is an 8-year-old AKC registered German Shepherd that was surrendered from a breeder where she lived outside in a kennel having litter after litter for the past 8 years. She has transitioned to indoor living very well. She is housebroken and gets along with my two male German Shepherds. She has not yet been cat tested. She is a laid-back gal that loves her people. She is eager to please, loves attention but doesn't "Demand" it. Tara has nice house manners. She doesn't jump or try to get into anything (Except the trash if the lid is left open). Her energy level is moderate. She is not a ball fetcher but will chase squirrels in the yard. I would recommend a short fence (she is not a jumper) or leash walking in the yard if no fence as she will leave the yard if there is an opening but just to explore not escape. She comes when called and we are working on leash manners. Tara unfortunately tested positive for Heart Worms and is currently being treated for this which she is tolerating well. Because of this she is not yet spayed, and those details are being worked out. She is in great health otherwise, up to date on her shots and weighs 65 pounds. Tara is a beautiful girl with Red/Black coloring and the sweetest little "Foxy" face. 

German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

8 Years 11 Months (Est)


Dunkirk NY

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