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Gamora 2593

10/30/2022 update;

Time for a Gamora update;

My strong-willed wild child is blossoming into a beautiful “little lady” !!!

We are just a few days shy of 4 months into her decompression period and I am seeing some very positive changes for what I believe is her true personality coming out.

We still have work to do, as we are ALL a “work in process”; still, it is always rewarding to see them leave behind their “flight or fight mode” and learn to accept and embrace “life off the streets and into the loving arms of rescue” as they await their forever home.

What we know;

Loves, loves, loves to walk. Doesn’t pull and is always ready to stop, turn, redirect whenever you are.

Is curious of wildlife animals but does not have a crazy prey drive.

Very affectionate, loves to be petted, touched, snuggled

Your shadow has nothing on her, as far as she is concerned, she can’t get too close to you! Will follow you to every room no matter how many times you come and go.

Always potties outside, never inside and she will let you know when its time to go out.

Sleeps in her crate, will walk in on her own and settle!!!  This is big folks; she wasn’t always a fan. She immediately settles when it is time for night time sleep. If she wakes during the night and barks to get out you can tell her to go back to sleep and she will.

Seems to be nonreactive to other dogs and people encountered outside.  Always a plus for anybody that walks their dog!!!

Wants to play with other dogs, has not interacted with other dogs yet, other than mine, but I believe would do great with or without a fur-sibling.

Loves to be groomed, ie brushing, baths etc. prefers nail clippers to drimmel tool, I think it scares her.

Low to medium energy level. Will keep you with you but if your speed is slow I think she'd be ok with that, just wants to be with you. Its very hard to tell right now for sure as I haveto keep her quiet because of her HW treatment.

She is supper smart and catches on quickly especially for doggie treats.

Is about 53-55 lbs and will most likely stay that way, is a petite girl

Is HW positive, SGSR is paying for treatment

What we are working on;

Don’t leave food out, will counter surf.

Can have a mouthy play not always but sometimes.

Is unsure of some people initially, ie men mostly I think, and can bark and or be mouthy or nip at.

Wants to mount every dog, I think it is part play and part a dominance thing but if the other dog puts her in her place she will stop and won’t do again but for more submissive dogs she will continue to do.

Still learning to not jump on you, isn’t really bad about this now but occasionally still does.

Sometimes will bark at you if she wants attention until you do what she wants unless you are stern and let her know it is not ok.

Wants to be with you on car ride, but can get motion sickness.

Is jealous of attention paid to other dogs so will try to come between you and them, jump on them or you etc to get you to pet her instead

What I don’t know;

How she is with small children but think overall should be older kids

How she is with cats, no idea I don’t have any

How she is with small animals, I think only medium to large dogs for now


Gamora is a sweetheart and I think would make a great addition to any adult household.  With continued training, and she is supper smart, she will continue to grow into the very bestest dog :)



Gamora was rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas.  She is heartworm positive and will be treated at SSR's expense.  She arrived to her Virginia foster on July 9th. 

German Shepherd Dog (short coat)

3 Years 10 Months (Est)


Purcellville VA

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