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Avery 2594

She is a 1.5 years old approx. 45 lbs. bundle of joy! She is such a wonderful puppy! All she wants to do is please her humans. Avery knows basic commands and is very trainable. She is crate trained – will walk right in for you! And also house trained, although being smaller we have to be sure to let her out every 4-5 hours so will need her peeps to be home a lot.
Avery loves to hang out with her human and is curious about everything! She loves her life and loves walks, riding in the car and playing with her humans and our own male GSD dog.
She needs a fenced yard, preferably 6ft, but will do ok with a 4ft. fence if you can be around to keep an eye on her. She is a jumper and will try to jump over if she sees one of her humans or an interesting dog on the other side. She will be good with another companion dog – preferably larger or same size male. She doesn’t do too well with females but a particularly chill submissive female would be ok. Avery loves to play and is boisterous when she plays. She can be possessive with her toys and food and humans! She’s definitely bossy and has a LOT of character!
Avery has been known to do ok with cats and chickens – although she is inquisitive - as can be seen in the photo! She would be good with much older, dog savvy children – she can still get quite mouthy and is so enthusiastic to meet humans that she HAS to jump on them. She light, but we are trying to correct this habit.
Avery has been diagnosed with the Chagas disease which at present cannot be cured and there is no safe medication, however, she has no symptoms at all and it is not affecting her in any way and may never affect her. We would be happy to discuss Chagas and the symptoms/effects with you! It is very common in Texas.
Avery just wants a good forever home and to be loved and cuddled.

German Shepherd Dog (short coat)

1 Years 10 Months (Est)


Aldie VA

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