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Ashley 2602

Ashley has experienced more challenges than most dogs go through in their lifetime. She was very happily owned when her owner suddenly passed away. After his passing, Ashley spent a lot of time crated and became very fearful of the world. Luckily, her late owner’s will had an estate set aside for her and required her to be sent to a no-kill rescue. 

Ashley was brought into SSR and put into foster care. She was slowly coming out of her shell when she spontaneously ruptured a disc in her back while running around in the yard, leaving her paralyzed in her backend. Ashley now had to be expressed daily, picked up to be moved around, and endure a lot of veterinary procedures. She eventually developed pressure sores on her hind legs that became infected. Along with being paralyzed, Ashley was facing amputation as well because of these sores that would not heal despite months of bandaging and wound care. 

After almost a year of non-stop vet appointments and worsening conditions, SSR found a new vet to transfer Ashley too that would try new treatments. We were also able to find a new foster with most availability to care for a special needs dog and take her to her appointments and do her bandaging. 

After less than a month of being under new care, Ashley began to heal and started thriving. Her pressure sores are healing and she will soon no longer require wound dressings! She also started a new physical therapy regime and her reflexes in her back legs are getting more prominent. We are even getting her a custom made wheelchair for her to run around in! 

At one point, Ashley’s condition was so poor that euthanasia was being discussed. We are so happy to report that we found an unimaginable solution for her so she can enjoy the rest of her years! Ashley now spends her days running through fields in her wheelchair, attending sporting events, and going on walks in her stroller. 


German Shepherd Dog (long coat)

9 Years 4 Months


Derwood, MD

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