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Ashley 2602

10/25/22: Unfortunately, Ashley slipped a disc and had to undergo emergency spinal surgery. She is now in recovery and we are hopeful she will learn to walk again.

Ashley found herself homeless after her owner passed away.  She is local to the DMV area and is already with her foster in Maryland. She was kenneled for a long period of time during her previous owner's illness and after his death, so she is extremely fearful and not completely housebroken or trained. She needs a quiet home with no other pets or submissive dogs only. She will need continued nail trims for a nail deformity on one of her front paws (does not hurt her but needs to be maintained). She will also need on-going veterinary evaluation because she is currently on anxiety medication to help her transition into a home environment. She is fearful of new people, loud noises and being separated from people she is bonded with. She needs a family that understands she needs patience and firm and reliable training and a consistent schedule to learn what is expected from her within a home. Only older, respectful children are recommended because if she is cornered or frightened she has the potential to nip or bite out of fear. Once she opens up she is very loving and playful. Enjoys car rides and doesn't mind baths. Will drink/play with the water from the hose. Knows commands "sit" and "paw" and is eager to please.

German Shepherd Dog (long coat)

8 Years 10 Months (Est)


West River MD

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