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Valten 2616

Meet Valten who has recently graduated from a board and train program in Texas! He is now looking for an experienced foster, or a forever home. Valten came to the board and train program unsure of himself, reactive to touch, and unaware of how to interact with people. With love, structure, a routine he now understands what it is like to be a dog that is loved.

Valten is not a high drive Shepherd, and only requires a couple ten minutes walks daily; anything more and he gets sore. He has zero food agression and walks well on a leash! His favorite things to do is be around his people or have some independent time in his crate with the door open. We do not recommend that this handsome man be placed with children or high drive dogs. He needs a quiet home, with people that have experience with the breed and can be a loving, fun, and at times firm so he understands rules and boundaries. He is not motivated by treats or toys, he is motivated by play and structure. 

While Valten was at board and train, his trainer absolutely fell in love with his personality. Valten would be a great addition to a home that could provide the care and understanding he needs.


German Shepherd Dog

4 Years 3 Months


Boerne, TX

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