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Indy 2619

Some of you may remember the story of Indy 2619 from a while ago. Indy was hit by a car down in the Texas heat and left on the side of the road with no use of her back end for four, yes FOUR days. A kind person took her food and water and she was taken to a backyard and left for some time again. FINALLY, she was taken to a local vet where SSR agreed to pay for her to at least have some pain meds. While being handled by a vet tech she tried defending herself and bit the tech. It was decided that she was to be put to sleep. Luckily SSR wouldn't let that happen and they decided that from that day on she would be an SSR doggo. She has been with the rescue since August 2022. It's been a long journey. She stayed at the vet for several days, being fed with a syringe through a muzzle that wasn't allowed to be removed because of her bite. She was taken into a temporary foster where she started to gain mobility back into her legs. She was sent north, to spend most of her time in boarding. She seems to have been at least partially feral, or so abused that she had absolutely no trust in humans. She's been with us since the middle of May and my dogs are teaching her how to be the best spoiled of herself she can be. She LOVES food/treats and will come running if she thinks she can beg some from you. She also LOVES other dogs and rely on them to show her that everything is going to be okay. Leashes were a major scare for her when she first got here and she would fight and chew through them. She absolutely loves walks now and hates being left behind. She is what I affectionately call my little cripple, and half demon/half gremlin as she is vocal when annoyed. Don't let the growls fool you though, I don't think she knows what a normal conversation sounds like. Despite her back end still giving her some trouble, she can go up stairs, run extremely fast, and has even started climbing up on the couch. I do use a ramp for her to get in the car and she even took a road trip down to Florida recently. 

Indy is scheduled to get spayed on December 18th and will be looking for her forever home after that. I know that someone will see her posts and will fall in love one day. I imagine there will be tons of questions, and quite a few meet and greets before anyone takes her home, but I just know there is someone willing to take this little crippled half demon, half gremlin in and show her love. If you think it could be you, don't hesitate to reach out. If it's not you, that's okay, enjoy her journey. I know I sure have.


Cattle Dog / German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

2 Years 9 Months


Church Hill, MD

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