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Indy 2619

Where to begin with the story of Indy? It all began when she was hit by a car and was left on the side of the road in South Texas. For four days Indy was stuck in the grass with the sun beating down on her and an inability to escape. She pulled herself a short distance and found a bit of shade at some point. We know this because the person who witnessed her being hit by a car went back daily with food and water. They posted about it on social media, where a woman went to grab her to bring her home and find rescue. Indy was paralyzed and there was no one that could help her. She was thrown in someone's backyard as they waited for help.

We agreed to pay for ER bills only to get her immediate pain relief, but stated we did not have any foster homes available. Indy then nipped a technician at the ER as they picked her up to get her weight, despite being informed she was scared and nippy. She was placed on an immediate rabies quarantine and ACO officers came to collect her to take to the shelter, where she would be euthanized for medical reasons. We put up a huge fight and that is when she ultimately became our dog, the only way to keep her alive. For 10 days she sat at the vet with a muzzle, being syringe fed. This was obviously more stress inducing and traumatizing. We were fortunate to find a temporary foster, where she made great strides. The vets told us she had a 0% chance of ever walking again and that she would be permanently paralyzed. Indy quickly showed that wasn't true and today she has very minimal limitations in regard to her mobility, but her fear of humans runs deep. We are desperate to find someone who is willing to gain her trust and show her the kindness of humans that she never had the luxury of knowing.  

Cattle Dog / German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

2 Years 3 Months (Est)


Church Hill MD

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