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Freddie Mercury 2631

Introducing Mr. Freddie Mercury!  He comes to SSR straight from a performance at a shelter in Texas, where he was heard saying "I Want to Break Free" and "The Show Must Go On".  He really needs "Somebody to Love" and is auditioning humans for his furever, where you'll say he's the "Love of My Life". 

Dog Freddie Mercury is just as entertaining as the human Freddie Mercury. He’s open to love from anyone and everyone. He especially adores children.  His favorite things are treats, belly rubs and leaning into friends or strangers for affection. Freddie is a sweet and loving boy. He’s also a healthy adult with plenty of energy to play, and plenty of “chill” to relax at your feet. He’s pure joy.


German Shepherd Dog

9 Years 3 Months


Danvers, MA

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