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Roxanne 2632

What a sweet, sweet girl is Miss Roxanne!!  Pulled from the streets of Texas where she was trying to keep her last two puppies alive, while she was still a puppy herself.

Now, at about 19 months old, Roxanne is looking for the love of a lifetime.  This girl would love to be your walking partner, running partner, and even better.....your agility pupil. She loves cavorting with her big foster brother, literally leaping over him in her excitement. 

She has come to love her crate, and due to some lingering anxiety from the cruelty of her early life, she will need anxiety meds for awhile, possibly  another year or so depending on your vet's recommendation. 

Though full of energy, when you are settled on a comfy couch, she will be curled up either next to you or nearby, and she is so grateful for quiet and gentle affection.

❤️Crate trained

❤️Loves new people (she might be a little rambunctious for small children)

❤️Loves all dogs she has met thus far

❤️Very food motivated

❤️Learning some basic commands

❤️No resource guarding

❤️Rides well in the car

Needs a patient and loving forever person or family that will continue to work on:

Leash manners

Basic commands

Fine tuning of potty training


Roxanne also known as Mama to Squesker, was picked up as a stray with her two puppies.  Roxanne arrived to her Virginia foster on August 26th. 

German Shepherd Dog

2 Years 2 Months (Est)


Fancy Gap VA

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