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Cajun 2662

Cajun is going to make a family very happy -- she is very affectionate, attentive, and the velcro-iest of velcro dogs. Her cuddle game is strong, and she loves people and children to the ends of the earth. She is softer than you believe, knows 'sit' like a champion, and responds well to her name. She could use more obedience training to learn manners and boundaries, but she is quite smart, and will surely pick up training quickly. Rides in the car well, though to be fair, she mostly sleeps. Acceptable on the leash, but prefers to run free.

Absolutely no cats. Also, Cajun is a VERY dominant dog, and will not back down from another dominant dog. She will do best as an only dog, or possibly with an immediately submissive dog. She does not appear to understand how to de-escalate a battle for dominance, and is unlikely to do so. Slow introductions are key. She has a strong need to resource guard.

She is HW+, and has tested positive for Chagas Disease. DNA test shows she is overwhelmingly GSD and White Swiss Shepherd.

German Shepherd Dog

3 Years 6 Months (Est)


Nellysford VA

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