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Chiclet 2669

Chiclet is a sweet, middle aged gal who loves her people. She was rescued from a Texas shelter that deemed her as ugly because of her lower jaw and teeth sticking out. Well, we think that's quite the opposite! 

This girl is GORGEOUS in person. She's had a few teeth removed to accommodate her smaller jaw. She's got beautiful coloring that you must see in person! We're not sure what happened to her jaw, whether she was born with a smaller jaw and someone tried to fix it or if a surgery went wrong. But don't worry, we think her mug shot has only gotten better and has been seen by a local vet. Nothing impedes her ability to eat or drink like a normal dog.

Chiclet adores people of all sorts and is incredibly sweet and gentle with children. She loves people so much that she struggles to be away from them. Her foster is working with her on crate training and she's seeing improvement. 

She is generally low to medium energy. She will play with her foster sibling but is also content laying next to you all day long. This makes her a great office dog as she'll sleep through all of your boring meetings!

Chiclet is good with dogs but after a slow intro. She's lived in foster homes with both male and female dogs. Unfortunately, Chiclet is not good with cats. 


Chiclet was rescued from a shelter in Texas.  She has some jaw/teeth issues that need to be resolved.  She arrived in Virginia on 12/02.

German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

5 Years 6 Months (Est)


Frederick MD

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