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Dr. Seuss 2702


Dr. Seuss was a stray who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Texas. He traveled to his foster home in Virginia on Jan. 14, 2023. He is heartworm-positive and will be treated at SSR's expense. 

After a trial adoption with a GSD sibling, we discovered his ideal home would be with smaller dogs or as the solo dog. He has been in boarding since, and Dr. Seuss has been looking for a home to call his own for over 7 months now. Please share his story and help us find his forever!

Dr. Seuss’s foster reports:

Dr. Seuss likes to play with toys, but if they are not strong toys, they will be destroyed. Every now and then he likes to chew on socks, so we keep a few "chewable" socks lying around for him.

If he has to go, he will walk to the door and look at you so that you know he needs to go! He is great in the crate - quiet as a mouse.

Dr. Seuss is OK on the leash and likes to sniff around, but he doesn't know "heel." Since he's only 30 pounds, he's very easy to "steer" and will go with wherever you lead him. He has an adorable pep in his step.

He doesn't bark, but true to the breed, he has an amazing BAY! We have only heard him bay twice since we have had him - once when he first saw his German Shepherd foster sibling and once on a walk, when he saw a poodle that we wouldn't let him meet.

He is not touch-sensitive, even while he's eating or drinking. This makes it easy to check him over and dry him off after a walk in the rain.

He enjoys taking walks outside to release some energy. After that, he spends about an hour wandering around the house before settling down for a nap. However, he truly cherishes sitting peacefully next to his human and receiving affectionate pets, which is undoubtedly his favorite pastime.

Dr. Seuss LOVES attention and belly rubs and would probably do best with other, smaller dogs who don't mind sharing or even as an only dog.



5 Years 9 Months


Stephens City, VA

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