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Bella 2704

Bella found herself in the shelter and one day away from being euthanized after she attacked a goat.  According to animal control at the shelter, Miss Bella is not allowed to be adopted to a home in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Apparently, the law states that dogs who attack livestock must either be euthanized or find a home outside of the Commonwealth.

She weighs 50-lbs, is house trained, and crates very well.  She gets along with her foster sibling but doesn’t really play with him, so she would do well as an only dog.  It takes Miss Bella a little bit to warm up to you, but once she does, she stays by your side and is very loving and playful. She loves her squeaky toys!  Or should I say she loves to tear the squeakers out of squeaky toys!  She knows basic commands and takes treats from your hand very gently.

I do not know how she is around children, but her personality seems to indicate that she would do well.  She has been to see the groomer and did very well.  She didn’t like her nails done, but the groomer went slow with her and she calmed down and did great.  Miss Bella loves car rides, but her favorite place is by your side.

With her history, she would do best in a home with no cats and no access to livestock or small animals.

German Shepherd Dog

5 Years 4 Months (Est)


Mocksville NC

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