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Mitch 2708

Mitch was found roaming with a companion, Mina, in a park in Houston. Someone had been feeding him for a few months and said that him and Mina had been living in the park and chasing cars. Mitch and Mina never let strangers approach them, but when an SSR volunteer went to go see them, the dogs came right up to the volunteer like it was always meant to be.

On March 5th, a volunteer took Mitch out on the town and here’s what he had to say: 

Had a great day out with Mitch.  Mitch is a very sweet pup who walks on a leash like a champion with no pulling at all - a surprise for a street dog for sure.  He takes treats very gently, and loves a good head scratch or belly rub.  Or both.  Definitely both.  He was not a fan of getting in the car, but once he was in, he was super cooperative.  A little skittish when surprised, but past that was very kind to all the people he met.

Mitch was a little reactive to smaller dogs (though in his defense, the Maltese definitely started it), but had no issue with dogs roughly his size.  Regardless, he is very easily corrected when he gets vocal. He is pretty skinny from all the time spent as a stray, but with some extra attention and calories, is going to be a fantastic, handsome gentleman.

Update as of April: Mitch is in his foster home and is adjusting great! He walks great on leash, knows to go potty outside, and is working on his confidence in a crate. He does great with babies and walks gently next to the stroller. He enjoys short walks and lounging in the house! He will also play outside great with his malinois foster sister who is smaller than him. We haven’t seen any reactivity issues to people, dogs, or birds! 

Labrador Retriever / German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat)

1 Years 4 Months (Est)


Martinsburg WV

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