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Axel 2715

Located in the deep south of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, Axel spent his days outside suffering from debilitating ear infections. His previous owners acquired him after their son left him behind. They took him to local vet clinics, but did not have the resources for the level of care Axel required and were doing the best they could for him.
SSR was able to step in and take over his care. We immediately got him to the emergency room to begin treating his ear infections. He has since recovered from his ear infections and now we’re working on healing a facial abscess that was caused by the ear infections.
Axel is an absolute sweetie and enjoys playing outside and being around people that love on him. Having spent years of his life outside, he just wants a cozy home to call his own. He likes being around other dogs, but has not yet been cat tested.

German Shepherd Dog

7 Years 4 Months (Est)


Waterford VA

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