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Frosty 2744

Frosty was surrendered to SSR by a breeder that was unable to sell them quick enough as they got older. He was surrendered with his brothers Dusty, Oscar, and Wally. 

Frosty is adjusting to life in his foster home. Frosty absolutely loves to play with any toys and the resident dog, he is also very curious about everything in the house. Frosty is extremely food motivated. He is also very vocal and will make lots of noise when playing. 

Frosty is about 5 months old and almost 50lbs so he’s going to be a BIG boy. Frosty has a huge heart to match his size with lots of love to give but he doesn’t recognize his size and can play a little rough (he gets mouthy and throws his big bear paws around) so his family should have prior GSD experience or similar breed experience/knowledge. Because of this there would also need to be extra caution around small children. Frosty  is not super snuggly but does like to be close to his person. Frosty will benefit from a family who is willing to put time and effort into training. He seems to be potty trained so far and knows how to sit. 


German Shepherd Dog

6 Months


Stephens City VA

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