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Monina 2746

Monina was pregnant dog sitting in a concrete run at a shelter, awaiting her scheduled euthanasia in a few days. She had a bulging eye and a bulging belly from the puppies. The shelter has listed her as "Rescue Only", meaning that she could only be transferred to a rescue and not adopted by the general public. Her time was running out and she needed someone to save her and her pups. 

SSR came across a plea to save her, and despite having low funds for intaking dogs, we were able to take her in. We quickly were able to get her into a temporary foster home in Texas and two days later, she gave birth to 10 healthy pups that otherwise would've been given no chance at life. 

SSR will have Monina and her puppies privately transported to Virginia once a foster is secured to raise them until they are old enough to be adopted out as SSR dogs. Once her puppies are weaned and adopted out, Monina will also be available for adoption. 

Monina is described as a gentle girl with a sweet disposition. 

German Shepherd Dog

3 Years 8 Months (Est)


Winchester VA

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