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Midnight 2757

Midnight was found abandoned in an RV park in Texas. She was transported to Virginia in April 2023 and is now awaiting her forever home. 

She is a 4 year old black German Shepherd that has already been spayed.  Midnight is heartworm positive, but SSR will pay for all of her treatment until she tests negative, even after she has been adopted. She began her treatment on 4/24/23. Heartworm is not contagious between dogs.

Midnight is an incredibly chill dog that love to relax at home. She is so chill that we've never heard her bark! In Texas she was fostered with four other dogs and several cats, which she got along with great. She is crate trained, house trained, and does very well in the house overall. She has great house manners and doesn't try to steal food off of the counter! She takes treats very nicely from people and doesn't resource guard from humans or other animals. 

Midnight doesn't show much interest in toys and she is still learning how to become a dog and play. Instead, she likes to be with her people, go on walks through the neighborhood, and take long naps on her bed. While on walks, she likes to say hello to other dogs and people. Midnight does show interest in wildlife, but is easily redirected. 

All this sweet girl wants is a family of her own! Could it be you? 

German Shepherd Dog

4 Years 2 Months (Est)


Henrico VA

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