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Buck 2765 Adoption Pending

Buck was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Texas. He is being fostered in Newport News, Virginia! Buck is such a sweet boy. He has loved every human he has met, and generally just enjoys being around people. Buck is a talker and grumbles and has opinions!  Buck requires a slow introduction to other dogs and time to be calm first. He is currently in training and doing great!    He has made best friends with both of his GSD housemates here and really loves to wrestle and run around with his buddies.   He loves toys and chasing balls, affection and attention.  Buck is incredibly intelligent and will require experienced persons that will give solid boundaries or Buck will be pushy. He will watch you do something once and then turn around and do it better - he is super intelligent and really loves training and using his big brain.  He is content snuggling as well but will be happiest with a strong leader, mental stimuli and moderate exercise like a nice daily controlled walk. Buck is super agile and atheltic.  He loves going on a walk, exploring areas and training.  He is HW+ , and treatment is covered by SSR and he is responding super well and you wouldn't even know.  He is now at his ideal weight and has a super healthy pretty coat and enjoys any attention you will give him.  Buck is housebroken and crate trained and knows his commands.  Buck is a very special highly intelligent boy who is all German Shepherd and thus needs an experienced handler that will give him the Leadership he needs and all the love too.  Training will transfer to his new family and his trainer will spend time to equip you on his training.  




German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

5 Years 8 Months


Newport News, VA

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