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Frijolito 2767

Frijolito was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Texas. He got to Virginia on 4/14 and is currently settling in at his foster home. So far, we know Frijolito is very affectionate and sweet. He loves to give kisses and hold hands. He is a Velcro dog that likes to follow his people where ever they go. Frijolito loves to take naps throughout the day but jumps right in when playtime comes. He is a big handsome boy and sometimes does not know his own size. On his first night in foster care, Frijolito escaped from a standard wire kennel. The rescue provided us with a high-impact kennel for him, and while he goes into his kennel without any fuss, eats, and sleeps in his kennel, he still tries to escape for a bit when we first leave the house. He will probably need a high-impact kennel in his forever home or lots of training to get him completely crate trained. We found out Frijolito knows some basic commands but could use leash training and, as mentioned, crate training. He has two doggy foster siblings that he gets along with but would much rather be in a home where he gets all the attention. Frijolito resource guards food and sometimes toys from other dogs that we are working on, and he will require a strong leader to show him the house rules. If other dogs will be in the house, the proper precautions will need to be taken, like eating in separate areas and taking toys away when he gets possessive of them until he gets the proper training. Frijolito is very responsive to corrections and very trainable. He got neutered on 05/01 and is still recovering well. Frijolitio is heartworm positive and being treated at SSR's expense. Check back here for updates as we learn more about him!  

German Shepherd Dog

2 Years 2 Months (Est)


Alexandria VA

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