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Wheeler 2782

Wheeler and his siblings were all born into rescue on 2/28/23 from Monina 2746 shortly after she was saved from euthanasia at a high-kill shelter in Texas. They will travel to Virginia and be available for adoption in May 2023.    Wheeler is now in Northern VA and adjusting well.  He is  a complete sweetheart of a puppy.  Has loved meeting people and dogs.  He settles well in his crate at night for sleeping and is a good sleeper so far.  Currently he is waking to go to the bathroom at about 4/5 am but goes right back to sleep when put back in the crate. He has already started going to my back door to go out for potty, but by no means is potty trained yet. Work in progress but going well.  He is a smart puppy who enjoys playing with dogs and people but can also entertain himself for a bit. He is not food aggressive at all and does not eat fast. He's good in the car if you are holding him. Just sleeps on your lap. We are working on leash walking and he is doing great for his age. Wheeler is a joy to have!



German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (short coat)

3 Months


Ashburn VA

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