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Hunter 2806

My name is Hunter. Look into my eyes. I will steal your heart, and then I will steal your shoes. Tee hee.
I came up on the Texas express a bit over a week ago and I’ve since made my presence known in my foster home. I’m a very lively fellow who loves to spend my time exploring. I love to run and run in the yard, and play with my brother Arlie, and also with the big puppy here. Then I crash hard and snore so loud!
Things I know:
——stairs, I’m a champ now
——how to clean my food bowl, because I’m always hungry
——how to be good in my crate (well, kinda, to be honest it’s not my fave)
——what the word ”no” means because my foster mommy says it a lot (Can I eat this electrical cord? No. This shoe? No. This pillow? No. This bone? Yes. Hurray!)
Things I don’t know:
——mostly where I should poop and pee, but my foster mommy says I’m young and I’ll learn soon
Now that I’ve told you some things about me, do you love me?

German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

3 Months (Est)


Gibsonville NC

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