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Aelin 2818

On May 4th, 2023, Aelin was found laying in a hole in the middle of an orchard in rural Texas. She was covered in wounds and injuries that are consistent with road rash and being hit by a car. We suspect that she was hit by a car and then dragged herself across pavement and a field to find a cool, protected spot to lay in. 

After rescuing her, she was rushed to our emergency vet in Corpus Christi, TX, where she will stay for a bit to heal. She is able to walk and doesn't appear to have any long term special needs from this traumatic accident. After we get her healed, she will travel to Virginia where she will be available for adoption. She is a very sweet girl and despite being horribly injured, she is happy to see all of the vet staff and wags her tail when anyone is tending to her wounds. 


Siberian Husky

3 Years (Est)


Texas - Temp Foster

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