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Marigold 2822

Marigold was brought into a Virginia ER vet one Sunday afternoon for euthanasia. When asked by the vet why they were euthanizing, they said it was because she was pregnant. The vet didn't see any reason for the dog to be put to sleep, so they reached out to SSR for help. A foster was there within an hour to take her home. 

Marigold is pregnant and her puppies are due lay May 2023. She will be available to be adopted in August 2023 after her puppies have been adopted and she has been spayed. 

She is very sweet and chill in her foster home. She is quiet in her crate and likes to just relax, although this might change when her belly isn't full of babies! Marigold is also potty trained and walks well on a leash. 

German Shepherd Dog

2 Years 10 Months (Est)


Lebanon PA

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