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Grant 2828

Grant is approximately 18 months old and 45 lbs. He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. He loves everyone he meets. He is such a gentle soul but he jumps in and plays well with other dogs. He is easy going and only really barks when my own dog barks.

We are working on figuring out his cue to let us know he has to go out. He is great on a leash and walks well. Grant does well in a crate. He loves going for car rides and rides with his head out the window everywhere we go.

Grant has gone to work with me and will just lay under my desk until it is time to go out and greets any visitors that happen to come in.

He’s learned a few commands and we are continuing to work with him to expand his knowledge. Grant just loves to be near his people and loves snuggles, butt scratches and of course, treats for his good behavior!

Grant is truly learning quickly how to be a real dog!


Husky / Mixed

3 Years 3 Months


Aylett, VA

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