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Cinnamon 2880

Meet Cinnamon, a courageous dog who recently underwent a life-saving surgery. She bravely faced a condition called pyometra, an infection in her uterus. Unfortunately, this infection led to the dislodgement of necrotic tissue, which blocked her urethra. As a result, her bladder and kidneys became swollen, and there were concerns about potential damage. However, after conducting thorough testing, it was discovered that her bladder and kidneys were actually faring reasonably well!

Sadly, the presence of the deceased tissue caused an infection in Cinnamon's bloodstream. Furthermore, her uterus harbored cancerous tumors, all of which were successfully removed during the surgery. Throughout the procedure, Cinnamon required a transfusion, highlighting the gravity of her illness. Despite her current frailty, Cinnamon is determinedly fighting her way back to the healthy and pampered life she deserves!


German Shepherd Dog

10 Years 4 Months


Dry Fork, VA

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