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Ziggy 2897

Ziggy, at only 5 months old, has already endured more hardship than most dogs his age. He survived the unforgiving streets of Texas, where life for strays is a constant battle for survival in the scorching heat with little food or water. Ziggy's  playful spirit, despite his past, is a testament to his resilience. He knows what it means to be truly alone, left to roam the streets, and fend for himself. Yet, despite his challenging start in life, he remains friendly with all creatures, dogs, cats, and his fellow strays. Ziggy's eyes reflect the hope for a better future, for the warmth of a loving home, and the companionship of a caring family. He's yearning for someone on the East Coast to open their heart and home to him, to provide the love, stability, and safety he so desperately craves.


German Shepherd Dog

4 Months


Boerne, TX

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