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Valero 2901

Valero was rescued as a stray from a rural gas station in Texas. He traveled to Virginia and arrived in Alexandria on Saturday, Sept. 9. He does grate traveling. He was just neutered and he is heartworm NEGATIVE.

Valero is house trained – goes to the door to let us know he needs to go to the bathroom. He is also crate trained - enjoys a good nap in the crate and has no separation anxiety. 

But above all, this little guy is SO loving. Kisses and pets and snuggle and nuzzles are his favorite thing. If you’re on a walk, just expect for him to stop you a few times during the walk for a pet and a “paw” / “shake.” He also likes to walk up close to you (it isn’t really a “heel” – it’s just Valero wanting to love you). With that said, he could probably learn “heel” quickly, but he also likes to walk ahead. He’s easy to maneuver because he’s so small. (Don’t know how big he’ll be since he’s a mix, but he’s already about 1 and only 41 pounds)

Kisses > food
Kisses > treats
Kisses > toys
Kisses > walks/outside

Cats: don’t know. I don’t have cats, but he does like to chase squirrels.
Dogs: don’t know yet because we haven’t encountered many in the neighborhood, but he’s living with a 7-year old female GSD who he tries to play with but she’s a cranky introvert.
Kids: don’t know. I don’t have kids, but I’ll bet he will love them if they will be him.

He is so affectionate and handsome.


German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

1 Year 6 Months


Alexandria, VA

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