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Nugget 2908

Nugget's story is nothing short of remarkable. At just 5/6 months old, he was living a wild, challenging life in the Texas wilderness, alongside deer. Nugget was even spotted multiple times on game cameras sharing corn with these wild companions. His time in the woods has left an intriguing mark on him, as he has picked up some distinctive "deer traits." Despite the hardships he faced, Nugget's spirit remains unbroken, and his heart longs for the warmth of a home where he can finally feel safe and cherished. Remarkably, Nugget is not only a survivor but also a quick learner, already crate and leash trained. He adores water, toys, and play, and he gets along wonderfully with both cats and dogs. What he desires most is the chance to leave behind the challenges of his past and find solace in a loving family on the East Coast. Your home could be the sanctuary he desperately needs.


German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

6 Months


Boerne, TX

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