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Dragonfly 2919

Meet Dragonfly! She had unfortunately been stuck in a shelter since June until she recently moved into a foster home. She is 2 years old, and loves other dogs!

Dragonfly is crate trained, and goes into her crate with a little positive reinforcement. She also hasn’t had any accidents since being with a foster! Dragonfly enjoys car rides, and comfortably lays down during trips. Fast movements make dragonfly nervous, so an easy going family without kitties would be best while continuing to build her confidence and do basic obedience training.

Dragonfly is heartworm positive, and treatment is covered through SSR.

Could dragonfly be a perfect fit for your family? Ask your caseworker about dragonfly if you think so!


German Shepherd Dog

2 Years 3 Months


Ranson, WV

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