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Elijah 2920

Elijah wins the award for Happiest Dog Ever!

This sweet boy has floofy ears, a plume of a tail, and the softest fur. He's medium-sized with a puppy personality. He was left behind without food when his owners moved away and was found by authorities in Texas and taken to the shelter and then rescued by SSR. 

Elijah's abandonment hasn't kept him from being a loving friendly dog. He is shy with strangers, but quickly warms up and is full of butt-wiggles and kisses. He's housebroken, and knows basic obedience commands.  He'd love a home with a friendly canine sibling to play with, and so far has shown only mild curiosity with cats. 

If you're looking for some four-legged sunshine to add to your family, Elijah is your boy!



German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

1 Year


Mount Airy, MD

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