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Moka 2928

Sweet Moka was found laying on the side of the road on a hot summer day in rural Texas. According to locals, they took her out of the car wearing a service dog vest which was likely fake, removed the vest, and left her sitting in the middle of the road. One of SSR’s Texas volunteers saw a post about her in a Facebook group and immediately went to locate her. 

The volunteer found Moka, and upon arriving she observed that Moka was limping and appeared to have a hip injury. Moka went to the vet and received some much needed care. We’re still unsure of what her hip injury is, but she is still mobile and gets around fine. We’ll continue to look for a diagnosis. 

Moka is still with the volunteer that picked her up in the RGV and is receiving great care. Moka is in need of a northern foster so she can come to Virginia and become available for adoption. 


Belgian Shepherd Malinois

1 Year 2 Months


Boerne, TX

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