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Remington 2936

Remington was rescued from euthanasia only an hour before he was scheduled to be put down at a shelter in North Carolina. Since arriving at his foster home, he has been settling in and stealing the hearts of everyone he meets with his big lovey eyes. He has a hefty road to getting healthy ahead of him so it is a good thing he loves his food so much! Remy recently had an FHO procedure on his hip to restore pain free function and not only did his procedure go perfectly, his recovery is off to an amazing start! This little guy is an absolute perfect gentleman! He is also continuing treatment for heartworms.. Remy is showing his foster pawrents every day just how intelligent he is as he is learning what he is allowed to do and not do. He is clearly a brilliant pup! Remy would spend every second snuggled up to his humans if he could. He absolutely LOVES his furry foster brothers and enjoys wrestling and snuggling with them. He is fairly indifferent towards his foster's cats but will sleep next to them and stare at them. He does a great job around livestock but can get a little too excited when the goats are running around excited as well. He does love his baby goats though! He is potty trained aside from a few random accidents here and there. He is 100% crate trained and sleeps through the night in his kennel like the best of boys. Full disclosure: he does sleep every night lately nestled in between his foster parents and LOVES to snuggle anywhere he can anytime he can! He has gone to high school with his foster mom (who is a teacher) and he adores all of the crazy kids he meets! He spends the day going human to human, pushing his nose into them for love and pets. Remy is a quick learner and corrects well. He is highly attentive to the humans around him and listens well even when he is excited or being silly. He is truly a diamond in the rough and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for him! 


Belgian Shepherd Malinois / German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat)

3 Years 2 Months


Damascus, MD

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