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Whitey 2941

Whitey was found lifeless on a rural property in Texas. The owner of the property said that the dogs have been running around his property and that he's actively been trying to kill them via poison and firearms. 

Whitey was laying in the middle of a field in the scorching sun, panting rapidly, and unable to move. She looked so far gone that the rescuer didn't even think she was worth taking to the vet. We repeatedly asked her to take Whitey with the others to the vet, and she agreed. She was severely dehydrated and malnourished, along with anemic from the amount of parasites she had on her body. She was covered in ticks and fleas, not to mention the intestinal parasites she has as well. 

We were told that the prognosis for her was very grim, and that she likely wouldn't make it 24 hours. Whitey surprised us all and started making a rapid recovery. She is still not out of the woods, but her prognosis is much more optimistic. 


Labrador Retriever / Mixed

6 Months


Boerne, TX

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