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Fenrir 2970

Meet Fenrir, the pocket-sized shepherd with a heart as big as his paws! At just 10 months old and weighing in at a charming 40 pounds, Fenrir is a bundle of joy ready to find his forever family.

Fenrir is a special boy, spreading smiles and tail wags to everyone he meets. He is unsure at first but his friendly nature comes out and extends to other dogs and kids. Recently, he stole the show at a soccer match, showcasing impeccable manners amidst the cheering and excitement. Kids running up to him? No problem. Strangers bending down for a friendly hello? Fenrir welcomed the attention with a wagging tail.

Fenrir is becoming a dream companion at home. As the sun sets, you'll find him curled up on his pillow, ready to recharge for another day of adventures. Meandering walks are Fenrir's specialty, where he exhibits good leash manners and takes the time to explore the world with his nose.


Potty training? Fenrir is a quick learner and is almost there! His adaptability extends beyond the social scene to the basics of daily life. He's been picking up the ropes swiftly, probably thanks to his keen observation skills and the guidance of his foster family's older dogs.  There are few unknowns (have not tested with cats yet) and things he is not a fan of- crates, being left alone and vegetables.   One thing he LOVES… chewing... and I mean anything- tell your kids to pick up their toys and shoes off the floor because they are fair game!  He will need lots of ropes and chew toys of his own and is easy to redirect.


Fenrir is not just a cute face; he's a bundle of potential waiting to blossom in a loving home. If you're looking for a furry friend who's eager to watch, learn, and be an integral part of your family, Fenrir is the perfect addition. Prepare for endless love, laughter, and adorable antics with this delightful pocket-sized shepherd. Adopt Fenrir and watch your heart grow along with his! ❤️


German Shepherd Dog / Siberian Husky / Mixed

10 Months


Annandale, VA

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