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Kaiser 2982

Kaiser was surrendered to SSR for having seizures. His previous owners were aware of the condition and tried to treat it homeopathically, which did not work. When he continued to keep having seizures that were increasing in severity, they brought him to the vet to be euthanized and declined to try medication. 

Kaiser is doing very well. He is good with dogs, including little dogs, ignores my cats and appears to love kids. He is very mellow, totally housebroken, and loves to chew his toys. He has no food aggression and in fact, loves to eat treats.

Kaiser would benefit from some obedience training, as it appears he has no idea how to walk on a leash. I discovered this today as I was being dragged across the parking lot at the vet! LOL 
Health wise, the vet was very impressed with him. He does have seizures and has been on seizure medication for about a week. He has had one episode of seizures in the week he's been with me. Per the vet today, the seizure meds take about 2 weeks to reach their full potency. I will be working with the vet in case we need to adjust his med dosages. The vet says it's pretty common to have to adjust dosages until you reach the right one.

Update!  Kaiser continues to do fantastic. Someone is going to be very lucky with this smart boy. He is one huge dog, and in fact, is working on losing some weight. However, he will never be small. I have a feeling he was used to eating straight off the table and counter top. He doesn't even have to stretch to reach anything! We are working on learning that counter browsing is not appropriate behavior! Kaiser will thrive with some basic obedience training. It will help him have a purpose and make him the happy relaxed dog that he deserves to be. 

UPDATE! I have found a flaw….. Kaiser does not like chickens… or rather, he does like chickens, just a little too much! Oh, and he slobbers when he drinks. And that’s about it! Perfect home for him? He needs another dog to play with, maybe even some kids to look after. He really likes kids! He couldn’t care less if the home happens to have cats. They don’t even exist in his world. And probably no chickens to chase unless they are securely behind a fence! Oh, and his perfect family should also have a lot of towels to wipe up the water he’s going to splash everywhere when he drinks!

UPDATE! I'm running out of good things to say! Kaiser met a 5 year old little girl who came to the house and simply adored her. He takes his pills with enjoyment, as long as they are wrapped with cheese or a pill pocket, and loves to just hang out. He's not high energy, more of a couch potato. He does not like the camera though. I struggle to get a decent picture of him that truly captures how gorgeous he is! He tries to hide from the camera and my other dogs shove in front of him.


German Shepherd Dog (medium coat)

2 Years 5 Months


Mount Airy, MD

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